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About Us

Innovative Digital Marketing Solutions to Elevate Your Online Presence

At Local Digital Works, we’re dedicated to enhancing your digital footprint with innovative marketing solutions. Our services include responsive web design, Google Business Profile management, social media marketing, and effective SEO strategies. We also offer video marketing, trade show products, and diverse printing services to help promote your business and boost revenues. Let our team of passionate internet marketers drive your online success.

    Our Journey: Adapting and Thriving in the Digital Era

    Local Digital Works was founded in the mid-1980s after the successful run of the Vega Hispanic Yellow Pages in Washington D.C., which became the leading publication in its category across the U.S. with over 1,600 satisfied advertisers. As the digital age dawned in the early 2000s, the rise of Google transformed the landscape of advertising, making the traditional yellow pages obsolete with its vast search capabilities of handling 99,000 searches per second.





    Recognizing the shift towards digital mediums, our company was quick to pivot from print to digital marketing. We understood early on that the digital presence of a business needed to extend beyond a simple website. Today, it encompasses robust social media engagement, numerous positive online reviews, and continuous adaptation to digital trends.

    As we look to the future, we anticipate further evolution in digital marketing strategies, preparing to guide our clients through these changes and ensuring they remain at the forefront of their industries.



    Francisco Vega, Jr.

    Francisco Vega, Jr.

    President & CEO

    Francisco Vega, Jr. is the founder of Vega & Associates and played a pivotal role in leading the company to become the premier publisher of the Hispanic Yellow Pages across the Washington DC metro area, sustaining industry leadership for over two decades. After selling the family-owned business in 2004, he leveraged his deep industry expertise to consult nationally and internationally, helping publishers enhance their Hispanic market strategies. 

    He also established the Francisco Vega Agency and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Maryland, contributing his vast experience to further community and business initiatives.

    Daniella Boyso

    Daniella Boyso

    Social Media Marketing

    Daniella Boyso excels in crafting and executing innovative social media strategies that significantly enhance brand visibility, bolster marketing efforts, and boost annual revenues for our clients. With a particular expertise in Facebook’s advertising platform, she brings extensive experience and a keen analytical approach to developing targeted ad campaigns. Daniella’s detail-oriented and analytical skills ensure that each campaign is meticulously crafted, and she is adept at presenting strategic recommendations to clients, ensuring their marketing objectives are achieved effectively.

    Juan Vega

    Juan Vega

    Business Development

    Juan Vega served as the Chief Operating Officer at Vega & Associates from 1985 to 2004, a period during which he significantly contributed to the company’s growth until its acquisition by Boston-based investors. He led the Research & Development and business development sectors, notably introducing “Voz Directa,” the innovative “Talking Yellow Pages,” in 1995.

    Currently, Juan holds the position of Chief Marketing Officer at Day 1 Solutions, a pioneering firm in the “Cloud Solutions Provider” model. He also lends his extensive experience and insights to the Board of Advisors at Local Digital Works, guiding the company through its strategic endeavors.

    Embarking on Your Digital Journey

    As we initiate discussions with new clients, we begin by evaluating their current digital capabilities. Often, we find they are just starting to explore the realm of digital marketing. Our approach is straightforward: commitment is crucial. We encourage our clients to transition from traditional marketing by setting clear, actionable goals for their digital strategy.

    This digital transformation won’t happen overnight. It requires adopting new marketing processes and a willingness to embark on a step-by-step journey from point A to point B. As we continue through 2024, it’s essential to start now—likely, your competitors are already advancing their digital strategies. Don’t let another moment pass; let’s take that first step together today.